Training Philosophy

With our team at Krav Maga Middle East, we will teach you a variety of techniques and help you find those techniques that work best for you. Our training programs focus on the use of drills to instill in your muscle memory the defensive (blocks) and offensive (counter attacks) maneuvers that will keep you alive during a violent attack. Through this approach, your response to a threat will be instinctive. You will act immediately, without thinking, and avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to the mistakes people often make in high-stress situations.
Since 2018

Ahmed Ateek

Qualifications in Security Training:

- Ex- Deportee Security & Air Marshal Dubai - UAE 
- Terrorism & Counterterrorism, George town university, USA 
- KEYSI instructor- Germany 
- CQB Instructor Level 3 - Israeli Krav Maga Federation - IKF - Poland 
- ProQual Level 3 Award in Intelligence Analysis - Asta Security Academy - UK. 
- OSINT Open Source Intelligence - Intel Security Services ISS training - UK. 
- Diploma in Aviation Security Management. Edith Cowan University. Australia 
- Tactical Restraints Instructor. ASP.Armament Systems and Procedures. USA 
- Certified Air Marshal Restraint Solutions. Krav Maga Federation. USA 
- Certified Law Enforcement Restraint Solutions. Krav Maga Federation. USA 
- Certified Krav Maga instructor. KMG Krav Maga Global. Level 1. USA 
- Certified Krav Maga panim al panim. Global British KAPAP. Level 3. UK 
- Certified Close Protection Operative. European Security Academy. Poland 
- Certified First Person On scene. European Security Academy. Poland 
- Red Belt in Hapkido, Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation, UAE 
- First Aid & AED certified

Qualifications in Fitness: 
- Bachelor of Sports Sciences. Egypt 
- EREPs Peronal Trainer Level 4 - Belgium
- Diploma in Fitness Training. USA 
- Diploma in Specialist Performance Nutrition. USA 
- Certified Rehab Trainer. Australia 
- Certified TRX Suspension Training. UAE 
- Certified RIP TRX Rotation Integration and Power Training. USA 
- Certified ViPR Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning. UK 
- Certified Master Trainer of ViPR. UAE 
- Certified Kettlebells. UAE 
- Certified Kinesis. UAE
Since 2018

Andy Wilks

• Current Metropolitan Police London. 
• Firearms Certified.
• Krav Maga level 3 Instructor.
• Officer safety training qualified.
• Restraint training qualified
• Officer safety training against weapons qualified
• Non-lethal weapons certified
• Advance life support and trauma management (UK) Restraint training qualified
• Pediatric and basic life support (UK) Restraint training qualified
• Basic life support (UAE)
• CWAA – climbing and abseiling instructor qualified Firearms Certified.
• BSc(Hons) sports development and coaching Officer safety training qualified.
• UKSCA strength and conditioning Officer safety training against weapons qualified
• Level 4 Personal Trainer
• Level 3 sports nutrition
• ASCA level 2 and lifeguard qualified.
• First Aid & AED certified
Since 2018


• Krav Maga Trainer specialized in white weapons & closed combat art 
• Assistant Master Muay Thai khan 13
• Pro ThaiBoxer & kickBoxer 
 VIP Protection Expert 
 GABA TACTICal Self-Defense Founder 
 Former Special Forces Trainer in the Egyptian Army 
 Kickboxing Black belt 
 MMA fighter 
 Master Personal Trainer
• First Aid & AED certified
Since 2018

Ahmed Affara

• Krav Maga Level 2 Instructor – Krav Maga Middle East 2022 – Dubai – UAE 
• Krav Maga Instructor at The Jewish Community School – Dubai – UAE 
• Training in Arabic, English, Spanish, and Hebrew. 
• First Aid & AED certified
• Krav Maga Instructor Level 2- Krav Maga Middle East 2022. Dubai – UAE. 
• Tactical Restraint Instructor - Zero Click LTD For Risk Solutions 
• Krav Maga CQB certified – Krav Maga Middle East– Dubai – UAE 
• Krav Maga Instructor at The Jewish Community Schools – Dubai – UAE. 
• Training in Arabic, English, Spanish, & Hebrew.  
• First Aid / AED certified.
Since 2018

Sherif Ackad

• Former bodybuilder 1995-2017.
• Aikido 1st Dan Black Belt 2016 – Egypt.
• Real Aikido 3rd Dan Black Belt – 2020 – Egypt.
• Official Representative of the International Federation for Self-Defense Real Aikido System in Egypt and  MENA region – 2020
• Real Aikido Senior Instructor at Heliopolis Sporting Club in Shorouk City and Crossfit Gyn in Sheraton.
• Krav Maga Level 1 Instructor – Krav Maga Middle East 2020 – Cairo – Egypt.
• First Aid & AED certified
Since 2018

Benjamin poweleit

• Diploma (Krav Maga Worldwide Yellow& Orange Belt), UAE 
• Krav Maga CQB instructor (Krav Maga Middle East), UAE
• First Aid & AED certified
Since 2018

Nasos Papanastasiou

• JUDO (green belt) 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 
Since 2018

Saad Iqbal

• 15 years of experience in the fitness industry as a martial arts athlete and fitness instructor/bodybuilding       coach. 
• Certified Strength and conditioning coach (reps lvl4)
• Reps certified Level 3 Personal trainer 
• Black Sash/belt in Sanda(wushu) 
• Tactical Restraint Instructor 
• Krav Maga CQB Instructor Level 3
• Self-defense/Boxing trainer 
• Animal Flow Instructor 
• Stick Mobility Coach 
• NLP Master Practitioner 
• Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer 
Certified in Sports Psychology 
• Certified in Fundamental Kinesiology 
• Injury Rehabilitation